Q: What is the cost of training?


4-week package (four- 1-hour sessions) $400

90-minute package (one-90-minute session) $145

​Q: How long is training and how many times per week?

A: Training is hour per week

Q: If I have two dogs do I pay for two packages?

​A: No, one training package covers up to two dogs

Q: Is the training done in a class with other dogs or is it private?

A: All training is done privately, in your home. Brainy K9 does not offer a class environment at this time.

Q: What happens at the consultation?

A: At the consultation I meet with you and your dog(s) and discuss what type of training is best for you and your dog

Q: How much is the consultation and how long is it?

A: The consultation should generally take about 30 minutes and is $20

Q: Do I pay for training up front?

A: Payment is due at the time of consultation to reserve your dates and times.

Q: How do I know my dog can be trained?

A: All dogs have potential to be taught specific behaviors, it is all dependent on how you, the owner proceeds with training in a consistent and continual way during and after training sessions.

Q: How old does my dog have to be before starting training?

A: Your dog can be as young as 10 weeks old when they start training.

Frequently Asked Questions

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