​We also address common behavioral problems such as jumping, leash pulling, barking, etc.


Basic Training

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In-home Dog Training In Kenosha, WI

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We work with you to address problems specific to your dog.  Puppies, senior dogs, rescues, and all dogs have individual needs, and we can help you with them.

Problem Behaviors

We cover the basic training cues:  sit, stay, greeting guests, "come", stay at doors, loose leash walking etc.

​​We provide a free 30-minute consultation to get to know you and your dog prior to all services.

Training for you, learning for your dog

Brainy K9 Dog Training recognizes that all dogs and their humans are different, and we are sensitive to these unique relationships. With over 5 years experience, we provide personalized, in-your-home training designed to create the most effective program for you and your dog.  In addition to providing training on basic cues and common behavioral problems, we spend time with you to address issues specific to your dog and your situation.  Brainy K9 Dog Training services Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Somers, and Salem, as well as Racine County east of I94, including Racine, Caledonia, and Mount Pleasant, and northeastern Illinois. 

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